So why did I want to be a nurse? Interesting question really, well when I was only 10 years old my earliest memory was of my grandmother being a volunteer for the St John ambulance in central London, a very busy place in the late 1980’s! I found it so exciting to hear her stories that I went and pestered my mum to let me join our local children’s St John Ambulance so I could find out what it was all about……

Being part of St John Ambulance was fascinating I got to help out at football matches and The London marathon which was amazing, this then motivated me to become a Registered Nurse. However I was still young, things weren’t all that amazing though my grandmother whom had inspired me in the very beginning developed skin cancer and unfortunately got very sick and needed an intensive care admission, luckily she recovered from this and remained fairly well for a few years afterwards. The positive to come out of this was firstly that whilst she was in intensive care (I was 13 at the time) I spoke to her and despite her being in a coma remembered what I had said to her and this amazed me and intrigued me. The second positive was that I found the nurses and equipment to be so inspiring and amazing.

Firstly I trained as a children’s nurse which I thoroughly enjoyed and trained in London, however I found this hard as a good friend died of leukaemia half way through my studies. Again this just inspired me more. Then I enrolled to study my adult’s degree in nursing and completed this with a high class of honours.

I feel that the obstacles I faced during those years only inspired me more and made me more determined to become a nurse and think that no matter what difficulties you are going through whether financial, academic, etc. keep going.

Lots more blogs to come!

Attached to this post is a picture of my beloved doctor that I have shown patients recently as I feel she is saying “keep dreaming, believe”.