by Megan Speight

For those looking for a change, the concept of travel nursing may appeal. The idea was first

brought about to cover the shortage experienced in some hospitals around the Country and nurses

are offered temporary positions within different hospitals and settings. They are expected to be well

knowledgeable, have a couple of years experience behind them, preferably in a specialty role and to

be able to adapt quickly. Many hospitals will have a minimal induction and expect applicants to be

independent and confident in their chosen roles.

There are many perks to this type of role including: –

  • higher pay rate
  • free accommodation and travel
  • more experience in management and senior roles
  • an increase in skills and adaptability
  • seeing different parts of the country and world.

Many nurses choose to join recruiting agencies, who submit applications around the country and

once employed, liaise with them on your behalf. H1 Healthcare are currently looking for qualified

nurses to fill positions across various parts of NSW. For help on preparing a Resume, see our

career page or email us on

Here are a few agencies to contact that organise placement for travel nurses. I would also advise

talking to people who have had this experience, who might add valuable insight. Have a few places

in mind where you would like to go, and research research research. It certainly sounds exciting,

and a great way to combine a fulfilling career and a beautiful travel portfolio.

H1 Healthcare (02) 9275 8882

Nursing Australia 13 10 95

Express Nursing 1300737599

Healthcare Australia 1300 422 247

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***If there are any nurses reading who have had experience in the travel nurse sector?? Please, we

would love to hear about it! Send us an email With your permission

we’d love to share it with our community and benefit from your experience.