Blogging fills a somewhat unique place in communications. More formal than a discussion with friends, yet less so than a journal article, it is a good format for sharing that knowledge-in-practice that helps us all to understand the issues, realities, and history of today’s nurses.

Starting with the list of blogs at Nurse Uncut (thank you team!), we set out to identify the nursing blogs that met two key criteria: 1. They were active, updated in the past three months, and 2. They were written primarily by and for Australian nurses. We love our international counterparts, but our search was for those nursing blogs sporting an authentic Australian voice.

Nurses are a busy lot. Many once-active blogs are not currently publishing. But the ones that are offer both nuggets of wisdom and wonderful resources that set them apart. We hope you’ll consider adding these four to your regular reading list.

Four Six Australian Nursing Blogs

Along the Path: Written by Canberra nurse Ian Miller, Along the Path is the blog embedded within his website, The Nurse Path. It offers beautifully written reflections on the realities of nursing and on striving to be better at what you do.

Injectable Orange: Penned by Brisbane nurse educator Jesse Spurr (and occasionally guests), Injectable Orange focuses on free, open-access nurse/medical education in multiple forms and covers everything from career advancement to fluid therapy. Spurr recently started a supplementary podcast that is worth your time as well and is accessible via the site.

Meta4RN: The blog of Australian Paul McNamara “Nurse. Educator. Digital Citizen.” McNamara’s writing is broad ranging, from health practitioner use of social media, to mental health issues, to health and nursing as portrayed in media and art. Articulate and intriguing, McNamara educates, enlightens, and makes us think.

Nurse Uncut: Sponsored by the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association, Nurse Uncut spans the breadth and depth of the field. Its multiple authors cover everything from nursing history to ethical issues to challenges facing the profession. It’s all here, even coverage of nursing in entertainment and the occasional cause for laughter.

Defining Nursing: Based in NSW, RN Laurie Bickhoff offers a mix posts focusing on nursing education, and reflections on everyday life on the ward and as a practicing nurse.  Bickhoff’s insightful writing prompts nurses and patients alike to reflect on what it’s like to provide nursing care and how we might elevate that calling.

Rhonda Wilson MHN: A rural mental health nurse, Rhonda Wilson began her blog writing about providing mental health nursing services in rural settings. And, while that remains a major focus, it has broadened to address a range of issues including nurse education, and research findings to inform nursing practice.

Do you know of a blog we missed? A blog both by and for Australian nurses? Please share in the comments.

[Note that this page has been updated as we’ve become aware of new blogs.]