Are you seeking out the history of nursing at your institution? Hoping to record the story of a great great aunt rumored to have practiced as a midwife? Want to track back the legacy of nursing or midwifery in your family tree?

Unlock the past just published Nurses & Midwives in Australian History: A Guide to Historical Sources. The thin volume provides assistance regarding how to source primary information from document repositories in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The book is unique in that it focuses specifically on sources appropriate to writing the stories of Australian nurses and midwives and thus it looks at both general archives, such as state and national libraries, as well as more discipline-specific sources, such as those found in hospital libraries and via female religious orders. Whether you are researching midwives and nurses working in institutions, asylums or maternity hospitals, in the city or in the bush, you’ll find guidance for locating the documentation needed to weave their authentic stories.

Nurses & Midwives in Australian History draws on the knowledge of the three women who collaborated on its development. Dr. Noeline Kyle’s expertise is in writing family history with a particular emphasis on nursing history, and she is the author of a biography of nurse Mary Kirkpatrick. Dr. R. Lynette Russell is a nurse educator, registered nurse, nurse midwife, historian, and author of multiple texts on the history of nursing in Australia. Dr. Jennifer Blundell is a registered nurse and the archivist for the Australasian Neurosciences Nurses Association who bought her passion for family and nursing research to the writing table.

Nurses & Midwives in Australian History: A Guide to Historical Sources may be ordered from Gould Genealogy and History for $17.