Depression. Anxiety. Substance misuse

1 in 5 Australian suffers a mental illness. And it goes to work with them.

Leaders, HR Professionals and WHS advisers are on the ‘front line’ when it comes managing stressed employees. With 1 in 5 Australian adults suffering from a mental illness, that employee performance or behavioral problem you are dealing with right now may be caused by an underlying mental health issue.

According to 2013 Comcare figures: the average cost of a successful mental mental injury claim is $250,000. And 1,535 suicides occurred in 2012 according to ABS data.

The personal and financial costs of saying and doing the wrong thing is enough to give you pause. But ignoring the problem won’t make it better, for the organisation, the team or the individual.

In a recent survey conducted by the Mental Health Recovery Institute, 93% of leaders said they would like more tools to manage a mentally or emotionally unwell employee.

We listed:


Over an intensive 1 day format, you will develop the awareness and skills to:

  • Identify sings of the three most prevalent mental health disorders in the workplace.
  • Determine the difference between an employee under stress and an employee with a mental illness.
  • Have the difficult conversations with an employee suspected of (or known to have) a mental illness.
  • Confidently manage a mental health issue to a positive outcome for the individual, the organization and the team.
  • Understand the mental state and likely behaviors of an employee with a mental illness.
  • Respond confidently, effectively and compassionately to a mental health emergency
  • Discharge the legal responsibilities and duty of care of a leader, HR or WHS professional and dealing with mentally ill employees.
  • Develop preventative and recovery strategies to proactively manage future mental health issues.

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