New Book for Nursing Historians

Are you seeking out the history of nursing at your institution? Hoping to record the story of a great great aunt rumored to have practiced as a midwife? Want to track back the legacy of nursing or midwifery in your family tree?

Unlock the past just published Nurses & Midwives in Australian History: A Guide […]

Blogs by and for Australian Nurses

Blogging fills a somewhat unique place in communications. More formal than a discussion with friends, yet less so than a journal article, it is a good format for sharing that knowledge-in-practice that helps us all to understand the issues, realities, and history of today’s nurses.

Starting with the list of blogs at Nurse Uncut (thank […]

A nurses response with poem

I have found a really moving Poem from a patient to her nurses.  A few years later, another poem was published, seemingly in response to this one.  Very touching and brought a tear to my eye….
A Young Girl Still Dwells
What do you see, nurse, what do you see?
Are you thinking when you look at […]

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