New Book for Nursing Historians

Are you seeking out the history of nursing at your institution? Hoping to record the story of a great great aunt rumored to have practiced as a midwife? Want to track back the legacy of nursing or midwifery in your family tree?

Unlock the past just published Nurses & Midwives in Australian History: A Guide […]

Blogs by and for Australian Nurses

Blogging fills a somewhat unique place in communications. More formal than a discussion with friends, yet less so than a journal article, it is a good format for sharing that knowledge-in-practice that helps us all to understand the issues, realities, and history of today’s nurses.

Starting with the list of blogs at Nurse Uncut (thank […]

Nurses Making a Difference: Aboard the Africa Mercy

Last month, the MV Africa Mercy arrived in Tamatave, Madagascar laden not with goods to trade but rather with over 400 volunteers and the medical supplies and expertise needed to operate a modern medical centre. The Africa Mercy is the largest private floating hospital in the world. It serves the poorest of the poor […]

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Nurses Address Baby Boomer Health

Born between 1946 and 1961, Australia’s baby boomer generation is aging. Now in their 60s and beyond, boomers are changing the demographics of elder-care throughout the country, and, according to the Australian government, “putting a greater strain on Australia’s hospitals, aged-care services and pensions.”


The United States is experiencing a similar expansion in the need […]

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How to manage your career in nursing

If you have just started a career in nursing in Australia you may be absolutely overwhelmed with the job itself as well as the opportunities that you have for employment across the country. Planning your future as well as understanding how to maintain your health and sanity through the first days on the job […]

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Leaders Masterclass

1 in 5 Australian suffers a mental illness. And it goes to work with them.
Leaders, HR Professionals and WHS advisers are on the ‘front line’ when it comes managing stressed employees. With 1 in 5 Australian adults suffering from a mental illness, that employee performance or behavioral problem you are dealing with right now […]

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Training for Medical Emergencies in General Medical Practice

APNA in conjunction with Cynergex Group Pty Ltd, will be conducting the Management of Medical Emergencies in the General Medical Practice workshops in VIC, NSW, SA and TAS in 2014.

Management of the emergency patient is a subject familiar to primary health care nurses working in general practice. However, the opportunity to train with the practice team […]

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    The practice nurse role: An overview of typical patient encounters

The practice nurse role: An overview of typical patient encounters

Practice nurses are true generalist nurses. They provide care to patients across the life spectrum that provide true cradle to grave nursing care and health management.

The following provides an overview of the typical types of care or patient encounters that practice nurses carry out in the primary care setting of the GP surgery or clinics […]

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Study Tips for Student Nurses

Here are some general tips and tools for use in your study plan.  They are of a general nature only and may not work for everyone.  Remember, we all approach our studies differently.  What works for one, may not work for another.

Set your study goals and create a flexible study plan: In order to […]

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Fill in Job Placement Positions (LOCUM SERVICES)

What is NAHRLS?
The Nursing & Allied Health Rural Locum Scheme (NAHRLS) is part of the Australian Government’s National Health and Hospital Network Reform agenda and aims to remove some of the barriers rural and remote health professionals face in accessing leave.

NAHRLS enables rural and remote professionals to take leave by finding suitable locums to back-fill […]

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