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Fatigue in the work place

by Megan Speight


Nurses are no strangers to fatigue. They are often pushed to the boundaries trying to meet the needs

of patients and manage the various tasks set by Employers. Tiredness is very common in the early

years of practise, and we all have our ways of getting through those really long weeks!

This month we are […]

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Nurses want Help not Coffee

Article in the West Australian, 16/7/14.

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Unlocking The Mysteries Of Workplace Madness – An Interview With Mary O’Hagan Part 1 of 3



I love talking about mental health at work. In our Mental Health First Aid courses, I especially love talking to people about tips and strategies for dealing with a mental health emergency. So when I thought about interviewing Mary O’Hagan, I knew I had to make it happen! Mary brings a distinct flavor to […]

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Giving Queensland nurses more power

Came across a great interview today on the ABC

by Saskia Edwards

The 33rd annual QNU conference kicked off today.

Nurses came together to discuss the issues affecting them and the industry.

Rebecca Levingston spoke to secretary of the Queensland Nurses Union Beth Mohle about the agenda at the QNU conference.


So why did I want to be a nurse?

So why did I want to be a nurse? Interesting question really, well when I was only 10 years old my earliest memory was of my grandmother being a volunteer for the St John ambulance in central London, a very busy place in the late 1980’s! I found it so exciting to hear her […]

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What I wish I knew about nursing???

Here is a recommended link to a great ebook which I love and also available via amazon:



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